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Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-24T13:53:00Z
superyacht isolation

What superyachts will look like in a post-pandemic world

The ultrawealthy want superyachts well-equipped for both adventure and self-sufficiency, so they can escape from the world in a future pandemic.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T12:45:00Z
distance learning home school private educator

Wealthy parents are paying to have their kids homeschooled by professionals for up to 5 hours a day, and it shows how the pandemic is widening the gaps in America's education system

Afraid that COVID-19 school shutdowns will make their kids fall behind, some rich parents are paying up to $60 an hour for professional homeschooling.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-26T12:55:00Z
Motorcoach Country Club

Take a look inside the top luxury RV resort in the US, where lots sell for up to $800,000 and come with infinity pools and private boat docks

The 80-acre resort has a nine-hole golf course, a fitness center, multiple swimming pools, three tennis courts, and a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T20:15:00Z

The most devastating takeaways from Netflix's new docuseries on Jeffrey Epstein and his 'molestation pyramid scheme'

Epstein's victims said they reported the sex trafficking ring to the FBI in 1996 — a decade before the financier received a controversial plea deal.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T18:19:00Z

A woman spent years combing through Google Street View to finds photos of the most remote destinations in the world. Here are 22 of the most striking scenes she's witnessed.

Jacqui Kenny has agoraphobia, an anxiety condition that makes long distance travel difficult, but found a new way to travel the world: virtually.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T17:31:00Z

An elite NYC private school is opening a 'flex' location in the Hamptons with classes taught entirely online — and tuition will be $48,000 a year

Avenues Studio Hamptons will have a physical hub for group project work, events, and meetings, but all classes will be online.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T14:12:00Z

The coronavirus outbreak has triggered unprecedented mass layoffs and furloughs. Here are the major companies that have announced they are downsizing their workforces.

Boeing, Uber, and Chevron are the most recent companies to cut thousands of jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Tech 2020-05-28T14:05:41Z

'We had no idea how to do it': YouTube's founders, investors, and first employees tell the chaotic inside story of how it rose from failed dating site to $1.65 billion video behemoth

YouTube's earliest employees and investors tell the story of the site's climb to the top, full of all-nighters, lawsuit threats, and food poisoning.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T14:04:00Z

Tokyo is preparing for a 'new lifestyle' as it reopens after the pandemic. Take a look at what that means for dining and entertainment in Japan's capital city.

Karaoke bars will be required to frequently sanitize microphones and diners are encouraged to sit side-by-side as opposed to facing each other.
Strategy 2020-05-28T13:30:00Z

Hotel general managers share what it's been like to ride out the pandemic at 3 very different resorts, from a private island in the Caribbean to a wilderness lodge in South Africa

One resort had to clear out guests, telling them: "You need to get on a plane, quickly. Because you may get stuck here."
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T13:07:00Z

'Rocky' actor Sylvester Stallone is trying to sell his desert home in an exclusive private community east of LA. Here's a look inside.

Stallone's Spanish Colonial-style home has a fountain-fed pool and is in The Madison Club, a private residential community with its own golf course.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T13:00:00Z

San Francisco's housing market isn't recovering as fast as its suburbs — and it shows how remote work is already reshaping real estate

A report by Redfin found real estate in Oakland and other markets outside San Francisco is recovering quicker than real estate in the city.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T12:47:00Z

Look inside the 'livable art' hideaway designed by Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei as an upstate New York vacation home for one of his collectors

Known as the Tsai Residence, the home consists of two modern homes on 37 acres with sweeping views of the Catskill Mountains.
News 2020-05-28T00:06:00Z

The 29 countries around the world where same-sex marriage is legal

Costa Rica became the latest country to approve same-sex marriage on May 26, 2020, becoming the first nation in Central America to do so.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T22:46:00Z

The CEO of Bluemercury explains how her luxury beauty company adapted its innovative, hands-on retail strategy to survive in a digital-first world amid the pandemic

Marla Beck founded Bluemercury in 1999 because she didn't like the way department stores sold beauty products.
News 2020-05-27T22:11:00Z

A family-run circus has been stranded for 2 months in a Spanish town because of the coronavirus lockdown

Performers with the Raluy Legacy Circus have begun livestreaming their act for free and using their costuming skills to make face masks.
Tech 2020-05-27T21:58:02Z

Vacation rentals around the world have jumped 127% since early April in a sign that people are slowly starting to travel again

A surge in domestic tourism is fueling a rebound in short-term rentals as states begin to ease lockdowns, according to data from AirDNA.
BI Prime Retail 2020-05-27T21:12:00Z

Makeup sales were down 22% during the first quarter, but Urban Decay founder predicts a boon in brow, mascara, and liner, as we peer at each other from behind our masks'

Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir says the recession sparked by the pandemic will rejuvenate cosmetics sales, citing the "Lipstick Index."
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T20:38:00Z

Khloé Kardashian is selling her Calabasas mansion. Take a look inside the $19 million home, which comes with a private hiking trail and was once owned by Justin Bieber.

Khloe Kardashian photographed the 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom Southern California home herself, using only her iPhone.
Tech 2020-05-27T19:10:34Z

Instagram will let influencers make money off ads on IGTV content, following in the footsteps of YouTube's revenue-sharing model

Instagram will reportedly share with creators 55% of the ad revenue they generate — the same amount YouTube offers with its ad revenue-sharing model.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T18:45:00Z

Here are the celebrities and notable figures around the world who are believed to have died of the novel coronavirus

Musician John Prine and architect Michael Sorkin are some of the celebrities that have died of coronavirus-related illnesses.
Retail 2020-05-27T18:13:52Z

7 red flags to be on the lookout for when restaurants reopen

Red flags include poor ventilation, waiters not wearing masks, and restaurants not allowing customers to make reservations.
Tech 2020-05-27T17:50:01Z

Houseboat residents are sheltering in place on their docks, holding float-up concerts in the middle of the water and boating out onto the San Francisco Bay. Here's how they're living through the pandemic.

Costs are lower, the company is superb, and the sweeping San Francisco Bay is their backyard. The shelter-in-place life hits different on a houseboat.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T16:19:00Z

An Apple cofounder is selling his California ranch at a 37% discount. Take a look at the sprawling property that comes with 7 homes, a private airstrip, and a helipad.

Mike Markkula, Apple's third employee and second CEO, is selling the largest landholding in California's Carmel Valley.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T13:35:00Z

Here's how 22-year-old tennis star Naomi Osaka became the highest-earning female athlete

On the heels of back-to-back Grand Slam wins and on the cusp of playing in the Olympics, Naomi Osaka landed several lucrative endorsement deals.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T13:15:00Z

A Colorado high school threw a graduation ceremony for its 66 students like only a ritzy ski town could, and the photos are pretty great

The 66 graduates of Telluride's high school rode gondolas up a mountain to individually receive diplomas at 10,500 feet.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-27T12:55:00Z

4 steps schools, museums, and other nonprofits can take right now to attract sponsors and land major donations during the pandemic

The ultra-wealthy are looking for new ways to give back during the pandemic, making this a great time for nonprofits to recruit new donors.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-26T18:54:00Z

A private jet charter company launched a 'Flightpooling' program after seeing a surge in requests for last-minute emergency flights

Born from COVID-19-related inquiries, Flightpooling lets people flying the same routes book a private air charter at lower rates.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-26T16:44:00Z

The billionaire art collector who owns Andy Warhol's former Montauk estate is reportedly entertaining offers for the oceanfront property. Here's a look inside.

Pop artist Andy Warhol used to entertain the likes of Jackie Kennedy, John Lennon, and Mick Jagger at the Hamptons property.
Strategy 2020-05-26T16:26:00Z

I was a die-hard New Yorker who never imagined leaving the city. After COVID-19, I can't wait to leave and never return.

"If you have a second home, this is a cakewalk. But we do not, and we've realized NYC just can't be our everything anymore," says Chloé Jo Davis.
News 2020-05-26T16:21:27Z

New York City's rental market is bouncing back, but tenants are still signing leases on apartments sight-unseen

The number of available rentals is returning to pre-pandemic levels, StreetEasy reported.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-26T16:12:00Z

Hotels, motels, and resorts are never going to be the same. What you can expect the next time you plan a vacation.

Breakfast buffets could become a thing of the past, and room service could come in the form of a bag dropped outside your door.
News 2020-05-26T15:40:00Z

Drive-through beerfests and glass 'greenhouses' over tables at restaurants: Photos show the measures Germany is taking to start reopening

Germany went into lockdown on March 22, banning public gatherings of more than two people and closing schools and non-essential businesses.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-25T14:15:00Z

A 171-year-old church in Connecticut that was converted into a 3-bedroom home just hit the market for the first time in 50 years. Here's a look inside.

This church-turned-home in Essex, Connecticut, features high ceilings and two kitchens. Best of all, the steeple has been converted into a patio.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-25T13:00:00Z

The US housing market has an inventory crisis three months into the coronavirus pandemic. Here's why prices aren't falling even as the economy craters.

The pandemic, which brought most of the country to a halt in mid-March, continues to show its impact on the housing market as we inch closer to June.
Transportation 2020-05-25T12:43:00Z

The private jet version of the Boeing 787 can cost more than $200 million and fly over 18 hours. Take a look at some its most luxurious designs.

The BBJ 787 Dreamliner is like the hybrid of private jets costing over $200 million. The jet can fly over 18 hours with a bedroom and shower onboard.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-25T12:17:00Z

Want to become a billionaire? Here are the industries that produce the most ultrawealthy people

While a select few have become billionaires working in the food and beverage sector, a lot more people become rich in real estate.
Retail 2020-05-25T10:12:00Z

Gucci announces plans to cut back to 2 fashion shows a year as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the luxury fashion industry

"I will abandon the worn-out ritual of seasonalities and shows to regain a new cadence, closer to my expressive call," Gucci's creative director said.
News 2020-05-25T01:02:38Z

Two hairstylists in Missouri may have exposed more than 140 clients to the coronavirus, health officials say

The stylists worked at a Great Clips hair salon in Springfield, Missouri, between May 12 and May 20 while symptomatic.
BI Prime Strategy 2020-05-24T15:15:00Z

The beginner's guide to investing in wine, from identifying the top auction houses to figuring out which wines are the most valuable

Fine wine has quietly been generating consistent gains for decades, and its demand is growing, master sommelier Jonathan Ross says.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-24T14:53:11Z

The 5 best dress watches for businessmen, according to an expert watch consultant

From the Cartier Tank to the Rolex Day-Date, these are Andrew Hildreth, a watch consultant for Christie's, picks for a timeless piece.
Tech 2020-05-24T12:53:00Z

This 100-square-foot tiny cabin was designed by Cornell professors using reject trees, 3D printers, and a robot arm they found on eBay

The design uses ash trees infected with an invasive beetle species that are not suitable for sawmills.
BI Prime Transportation 2020-05-24T12:48:00Z

I canceled 7 flights due to the pandemic. Here's how I both got my money back from airlines and didn't.

It's been over two months since I canceled my flights for a trip in March due to the coronavirus. I still haven't been made whole and likely won't be.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-24T12:45:00Z

The 20 cities that attracted the most interest from prospective homebuyers in April found the 20 largest metro areas that drew the most homebuyer attention in April. They were in 10 states and outside the biggest cities.
Transportation 2020-05-24T12:21:00Z

A businessman is selling his brand-new Bombardier Global 7500 for $70 million, the only one on the market. Take a look inside the 3-month-old jet.

The Bombardier Global Express was first delivered to a customer in December 2018 making it one of the newest private jets to roam the skies.
Strategy 2020-05-24T02:47:00Z

Why intelligent and high-performing women fall for toxic partners

Your successful friends aren't dating toxic jerks because they have low standards —it's much more complex than that.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-23T16:54:00Z

Mindy Kaling has officially signed on to co-write 'Legally Blonde 3.' Here's a look at how the actress, comedian, and writer built her career in Hollywood over 2 decades.

"The Office" catapulted Mindy Kaling to fame and she's been the creative mind behind many shows and films, including the upcoming Legally Blonde 3.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-23T15:07:00Z

5 major changes travelers can expect to see right away in hotels like Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham as they open back up

Say goodbye to daily housekeeping and traditional breakfast buffets. Here's what your next hotel stay will look like instead.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-23T13:47:00Z

The most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction

The four most expensive shoes ever auctioned are Nikes, two of which once belonged to Michael Jordan.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-23T13:15:00Z

Has the housing market reached the bottom? New data suggests the market has already started to recover.

A report by Bank of America points to early data, including the level of mortgage purchase applications and measures of buyer and builder confidence.
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