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Personal Finance 2020-05-22T15:12:00Z
Who Has The Best CD Rates Right Now 4x3 Who Has The Best CD Rates Right Now 4x3

Here are the banks with the best CD rates

We combed through offerings at about a dozen national banks to find the best CD rates right now. Our top pick is Ally Bank for its breadth of options.
Personal Finance 2020-05-04T14:29:00Z
Driving car. Driving car.

The average cost of car insurance in the US

The average cost of car insurance varies by the state you live in, your driving and credit history, age, years of driving experience, and more.
Personal Finance 2020-05-01T16:20:00Z
finance money bank banking banking credit card credit score investment payment chase sapphire preffered food dining restaurant cox 1 finance money bank banking banking credit card credit score investment payment chase sapphire preffered food dining restaurant cox 1

You can now earn up to 5 points per dollar on groceries with Chase cards like the Sapphire Reserve

In May and June, you can earn up to 3x or 5x points on groceries, depending on which Chase credit card you have.
Personal Finance 2020-04-29T17:49:00Z
online shopping
Personal Finance 2020-04-27T21:53:17Z
couple in new home

I'm a financial planner, and here's where I tell people to keep the money they'll need in 5 years or less

Cash you may need in five years or less usually includes money in your emergency fund or your down payment savings.
Personal Finance 2020-01-29T19:58:00Z
american express 8

The Amex Platinum is available to active-duty servicemembers at no annual fee — but even with the fee, the credit card is a great value

Here's how active-duty US servicemembers can get the Amex Platinum Card's fee waived. The card offers a fantastic value and great travel benefits.
Personal Finance 2020-05-12T18:29:00Z

The best rewards credit cards for earning travel points, cash back, and more

The best rewards credit cards to open now. We break down the best credit card options for earning points, miles, or cash back in 2020.
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Personal Finance 2020-05-28T19:36:00Z

Americans are cutting up and throwing away their stimulus debit cards, mistakenly thinking it's a scam

The Treasury Department announced last week that it would send about 4 million debit cards loaded with stimulus payments to Americans.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T18:11:00Z

How to file an amended tax return to correct your income, credits, or deductions

To claim a refund, the amended tax return deadline is typically within two to three years of the date you filed the original return.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T17:49:34Z

There are many reasons I love my high-yield savings accounts, but earning interest on my cash is at the bottom of the list

Earning "free money" is great, but you still have to pay tax on the interest earned in a high-yield savings account.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T17:39:51Z

Here's exactly what renter's insurance covers, and why it's smart to get a policy

Renter's insurance can cover your personal belongings if they are damaged or stolen, including property that's stolen from your vehicle.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T17:25:56Z

The average life insurance rate by age, sex, and coverage type

The average life insurance rate is $44 per month. But, every rate is different, and it can vary based on your age, sex, health, and lifestyle.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T15:59:23Z

The best IRA CD rates right now

The banks with the best IRA CDs offer high APYs and a variety of term lengths, and they don't charge maintenance fees.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T15:26:00Z

The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve just added new options for using points to cover groceries, dining, and home improvement

You can use points to cover grocery, home improvement, and dining, and the Sapphire Reserve's annual travel credit will apply to groceries and gas.
Personal Finance 2020-05-28T14:26:00Z

Amex, Chase, and other major card issuers offer free access to your credit score — and in some cases you don't even need to be a cardholder

Credit cards that offer free credit score monitoring services — and lucrative rewards, whether you're looking for travel points or cash back.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T21:30:11Z

Congress has yet to agree on the latest coronavirus relief package, so don't expect another stimulus check in June

Many Democratic lawmakers are pushing to send more stimulus checks to households, but it's unlikely to happen in June.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T20:23:24Z

I used to save money for an emergency car repair or hospital visit, but COVID-19 completely changed my savings goals

In the past, emergency savings were there to cover unexpected expenses. In the age of COVID-19, though, we need our emergency savings to survive.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T19:59:41Z

What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans?

One of the main differences between subsidized and unsubsidized loans is that you'll pay no interest on subsidized loans while in school.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T19:54:00Z

Amex points are some of most valuable credit card rewards, and there are several options for both earning and redeeming them

You have many options for using the Membership Rewards points earned by Amex credit cards, but the highest-value choice is usually booking flights.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T19:47:52Z

What it's like to refinance your mortgage in quarantine, according to a Florida couple who signed the papers through a screen door

Because their title agent made them feel safe during the coronavirus, this family was able to do a cash-out refinance and pocket $32,000.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T19:45:39Z

Many Americans say the pandemic changed their spending habits for the better, but experts are skeptical it will last

As state and local economies begin to reopen, Americans will be putting their newfound spending habits to the test.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T19:42:56Z

I'm a financial planner, and there are 5 big 401(k) mistakes I see people make over and over

Many clients miss out on saving into a Roth 401(k), and some fail to use the automatic increase feature to boost their contributions year over year.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T18:23:00Z

Declaring bankruptcy was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was the best decision I could have made for me and my daughter

I was facing insurmountable medical debt, and declaring bankruptcy has allowed me to rebuild and demonstrate fiscal responsibility to my daughter.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T17:18:10Z

The average savings account interest rate is less than 1%, but it's not hard to earn more on your money

The average savings account interest rate is .06 — but opting for a high-yield savings account instead is an easy way to earn more than that.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T15:03:00Z

Best tax software 2020: TurboTax, H&R Block, and more

In order to determine the best tax software, we reviewed offerings from about a dozen online tax preparers like TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct.
Personal Finance 2020-05-27T14:00:00Z

Here are the best online banks right now

The best online banks offer a range of bank accounts, loans, and investment products. They're also FDIC insured and provide strong customer service.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T21:32:43Z

The best pet insurance companies for your beloved cats, dogs, and more

The best pet insurance for your animal will depend on their age and needs. Many policies exclude preventive care and pre-existing conditions.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T21:21:48Z

I have 13 savings accounts with Capital One, and I can't think of a better way to reach my savings goals fast

Instead of keeping all her savings in one big account, she splits the money into different "buckets" for each savings goal.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T21:09:00Z

The 5 best credit cards for Amazon purchases in June 2020

You can buy just about everything at Amazon. Make sure you're doing it with a credit card that earns you bonus points or cash back.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T20:43:00Z

We compared the Amex Gold and Amex Green cards — the best option for you depends on where you spend the most

Both cards are great options for earning Amex points, but the best choice for you depends on your top spending categories and favorite perks.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T18:31:56Z

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is an online-only bank that pays some of the highest rates available on savings accounts and CDs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers high-yield savings accounts, term CDs, and no-penalty CDs — but not checking or money market accounts.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T18:27:00Z

Signing up for Experian credit score alerts was the best thing I could have done for my credit, and it's changed how I use credit cards in 3 ways

Experian's credit score alerts helped me understand how my financial decisions impact my credit score, and I've changed my habits for the better.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T18:01:32Z

I paid off $40,000 of student loans in 2 years thanks to 3 smart habits

By putting every spare dollar toward his student loan debt, he was able to pay back his student loans about two years after graduation day.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T17:35:00Z

How to pay back student loans: 7 tips to help you reach your debt payoff goals faster

It's possible to pay back student loans fast with some effort and creativity. Making extra payments when you can, for example, can save you thousands.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T16:45:00Z

Your state tax refund may take longer to hit your bank account than your federal refund. Here's how to find out when it's coming.

You can track your state tax refund on your state government website after you file your return. It may not arrive as soon as your federal refund.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T16:17:00Z

Where's my tax refund? Here's when you can expect it to hit your bank account

Where's my tax refund? It should arrive within 21 days of e-filing if you request direct deposit, but there may be some delays due to the pandemic.
Personal Finance 2020-05-26T15:41:00Z

The best cheap car insurance in Colorado

USAA and GEICO tend to offer the best cheap car insurance in Colorado, according to Consumer Reports data. But, shopping around is still essential.
Personal Finance 2020-05-25T14:40:00Z

I asked experts if it's a good time for my fellow millennials to start investing, and was surprised to hear that in many cases the answer is no

Most millennials rely on stock picking or self-directed trading to invest, but experts say that could be dangerous right now.
Personal Finance 2020-05-25T14:03:00Z

My credit score dropped 11 points when I bought a house, but I'm confident the mortgage will actually boost my credit in the long run

Even though my credit score dipped in the short term, having a mortgage will improve credit mix and could ultimately get me a higher credit score.
Strategy 2020-05-25T13:20:00Z

I received a $1,000 stimulus check from the government — here's exactly what I did with it

Erin Greenawald wanted to give back to local businesses, so she donated to freelancer funds, commissioned art, and bought gift cards from restaurants.
Personal Finance 2020-05-25T13:00:00Z

I refinanced my mortgage during COVID-19, and thanks to low interest rates I'll save about $50,000

When the COVID-19 crisis landed in the United States, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to record lows — and mortgage rates followed.
Personal Finance 2020-05-25T12:15:00Z

How much the average homeowner pays for insurance in the US, by state and home value

The value of your home, where you live, and the coverage level you choose can all impact your homeowners insurance cost.
Personal Finance 2020-05-24T14:25:00Z

5 lies to stop telling yourself about investing

"I don't have enough money to invest" and "It's not the right time to invest" are two common lies we tell ourselves about investing.
Personal Finance 2020-05-24T13:12:00Z

A home equity loan could help you get the money you need for a renovation or emergency — here's how they work

A home equity loan allows a homeowner to borrow against the value of their home for renovations or other expenses.
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